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    Any body or agency technically qualified in the protection, conservation and management of migratory species, which is either: 1) an international non-governmental agency or body; or 2) an accredited national non-governmental agency or body (Res.12.9, Section I. B. 2. e))
      The possible implementation matter concerns
      Please provide the name of the CMS Party involved
      Please name the CMS-listed species or population(s) potentially affected) See CMS Appendix I and II
      Please name the relevant site(s) potentially affected
        Specific implementation matters: Please describe how the case concerns the non-implementation of Articles III.4, III.5, III.7 and/or VI.2 of the Convention
        Please describe
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        Please briefly detail the evidence you have found of non-implementation describing the possible negative effects for the species/population(s)/sites(s) involved. Please do not exceed 1500 words
          Efforts taken to address the matter with the Party concerned
          Please indicate which measures or procedures you have invoked to address the matter of non-implementation with the Party concerned. Specify which measures you used, when they were used, and what the results were.
            Compliance with other Multilateral Environmental Agreements
            In particular, CMS Family Agreements and Instruments, the Bern Convention, Ramsar Convention, CITES and the World Heritage Convention. If yes, please describe.
              Supporting documentation and other information Please attach sufficient evidence substantiating the submission. The supporting materials should consist of any documentation substantiating the information provided above, including material evidence such as photos; relevant national legislation - highlighting the most relevant provisions; decisions/results of other procedures; relevant correspondence with the authorities.